Svolvær and Magic Ice

We headed back into the main part of Svolvær and sat by the scenic harbour to eat our lunch. We had a view of the ocean, the mountains (including Svolværgeita), and the town centre. Across the water were wooden racks with fish drying. All in all the scenery here is stunning at every turn.

Lunchtime harbour view
Racks with cod drying

We wandered around the small town after that. The town centre consists of only a few main streets and mix of modern and older buildings.

Cod drying in the sunshine in the main square.
The church in town. Simple but distinctly Scandinavian.
More traditional buildings in the town

We visited Magic Ice next, where you can see a large collection of ice sculptures. Magic Ice is located in an old fish warehouse freezer, therefore quite cold. We were given gloves and fashionable warm cloaks to wear. Then we entered, marvelling at the many ice sculptures, dimly lit in coloured lights.

A large rowboat all made with ice
A big face made of ice
Ice octopus
Cute little ice crab
Kind of creepy?

We were also given a drink of ice wine in glasses made of ice at the ice bar. You can order drinks there all day if you can stand the cold.

Intricate ice sculptures and our ice wine drinks at the ice bar

Once done, we headed for dinner. Again, once we got outside we caught some more beautiful shots.

Kayakers in the harbour

We ended up at the restaurant Bacalao. Aptly named, we both ordered Bacalao, which is a Norwegian dish recommended to us by our climbing guide Charlie. Bacalao is a tomato based stew of clipfish, potato, onion, red pepper, olives and garlic and served with bread. A satisfying end to this scenic and exciting day!

Bacalao for dinner. Tasty but not cheap (205 NOK or $32 CAD)

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