Sugar Lace Cakes

Flexible and edible, sugar lace has amazing detail. For quite some time I have been in awe of this decorating medium, and recently I finally got the chance to make some of my own. How it works is you mix up a paste and apply it to a silicone mat with the lace impression. Then you scrape away the excess and let the lace dry for a few hours (or speed things up by baking the mat in the oven on low heat). Once set, you remove the lace and get an intricate lace piece that’s completely edible.

Flexible sugar lace

I followed this up on a couple cakes. The first features a toasted coconut chocolate cake, decorated in edible lace, pink sugar carnations, and a big floppy bow. The result is fantastically elegant.

A modern lace cake

For my sister’s birthday, I experimented in creating a more playful design with a chocolate raspberry cake that features a layering of bright colours, Antwerp lace, and applique flowers.

Layers of bright colours, Antwerp lace and applique flowers
Antwerp Lace birthday cake

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