Spring Forth

I enjoyed knitting the High Sierra Shawl so much that I couldn’t help but get started right away on another lace shawl just released by the same designer, Romi Hill. This pattern was a little different, as it was part of an MKAL (Mystery Knit Along). In an MKAL, the design of the pattern is unknown at the start of the knit along. Each week, part of the pattern is released, therefore each stage of knitting is a complete surprise! It was a fun process, and I adore enough of Romi Hill’s patterns (which heavily feature lace), that not liking the end product wasn’t a huge concern.

I got started with two scrumptious skeins of Manos del Uruguay Alegria in the colourways Orla and Spirulina. They reminded me of new spring leaves, even though this year’s cold winter was still lingering and it was April but still snowing. I should add that this beautiful and richly coloured fingering weight yarn is hand dyed and fair trade. Manos del Uruguay provides jobs to women in their rural hometowns, and each skein is signed by the artisan with the name of the town they are from. Orla is by Maria in Dragon, and Spirulina is by Davida in Fraile Muerto, Uruguay.

Manos Alegria yarn in Orla and Spirulina

This shawl was a great follow up to the High Sierra, as it had some common elements, while also adding in a number of new stitches and techniques. For one, I got to try cabling for the first time. Two of the sections feature tiny two stitch cables, and what could be better than lace and cables combined? Cables have also been a knitting technique (other than lace) that I admire due to how complex they appear. I am one for loving intricate little details.

I didn’t encounter any notable problems or issues knitting up this shawl. It shows how much my confidence and skill has improved since I first picked up knitting less than a year ago. I finished my shawl and despite being an MKAL, I was also pleased with how the colours turned out. In fact, the name of the pattern turned out to be Spring Forth, so how fitting that I had chosen colours that reminded me of spring!

My completed Spring Forth lace shawl. Just look at the detail on that bottom edge.

Difficulty: Intermediate


  • Lace
  • Cables
  • Backwards loop cast on
  • Pick up and knit
  • Stitches: k, p, k tbl, p tbl, YO, k2tog, ssk, sk2p, kfb, pfb, M1, M1p, k2tog tbl, k3tog tbl, slip st wyif, slip st wyib, c2b, c2f, 2/3 sts, 3/3 sts, 2/3p sts, 3/3p sts, k3 into YO
  • Stretchy bind-off

Knitty fame

My shawl was featured on Instagram by @manosdeluruguayyarns!

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