Chocolate Maniac Fire Bread

Chocolate maniac fire bread with smoked salt raspberry butter. I know, it’s a mouthful and probably sounds a little strange. It’s good though, seriously. That is, if you like chocolate and a bit of a kick.

This little treat is bursting with pockets of flavour. It’s a chocolate quick bread with Cacao Barry Extra Brute, a high quality amber cocoa powder from Barry Callebaut that tastes amazing. Then it’s got chunks of bittersweet chocolate for pockets of chocolatey goodness. And it wouldn’t be a maniac fire bread if it wasn’t laced with bits of bird’s eye chili that pack a serious punch while at the same time complementing the intense chocolate flavour. To top it all off is butter mixed with raspberries (from my grandmother’s garden in exchange for vacuuming my grandparent’s house) and smoked salt. Chocolate maniac fire bread with smoked salt raspberry butter is what it sounds like, a symphony of flavour complexity you have to try to understand.

I’m not sure if this maniac bread is a breakfast food or dessert, so I’m just going to eat it as both.

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