Picking Daisies

It was a cold winter, and as the snow began to melt I wanted to knit something that reminded me of spring. I am a fan of knitwear designer Melanie Berg, and so I chose to knit Picking Daisies, a design I have been eyeing since around when I had first started learning to knit.

For this project, I picked three different colours of fingering weight yarn. The main colour is from Black Cat Custom Yarn in the colourway Leafly, a bright, tonal grassy green on the Luxury Sock base (70% superwash merino, 20% cashmere and 10% nylon). As a contrast, I am using Cloudborn Fibers Superwash Merino Fingering, a single-ply 100% merino yarn in a pretty, soft pink colourway called Petal. Finally I have a neutral, light beige for the daisies in colourway Oatmeal (also Cloudborn Fibers Superwash Merino Fingering). All three skeins are amazingly soft.

Yarn for Picking Daisies

The pattern starts out fairly simple, with sections of garter stitch in the main colour, broken up by rows of slipped stitches in the contrast colour. I had never done slipped stitches before like this in a row, and it is a pretty effect, but very easy to achieve.

A tiny start to Picking Daisies

After a number of garter and slip-stitch section repeats, the daisy stitch appears. The daisies are the star of the show in this shawl, and while they look complicated to knit, it is not difficult at all. They do take some time to complete as you manoeuvre your yarn around the needles, but after a few rows, you get into the rhythm of it.

Some cute little daisies

I love how the final shawl turned out. The tonal green adds some beautiful interest in the simple garter stitch section, while the daisies really look like little flowers. In fact, during the time I was knitting this project I was visiting my relatives in the Vancouver, BC area. One day, going for a walk near my aunt and uncle’s house in Tsawwassen, I happened upon some flowers growing in a neighbour’s yard. It is almost like I planned my shawl colours from them. I had to stop and take a picture!

Some real Picking Daisies daisies!

Back home, after finishing my knitting there are still snowy days here in Edmonton. I am hoping for summer to come quickly to bring green and flowers. Meanwhile, Picking Daisies will be getting lots of wear. 😉

Picking Daisies is finished!

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