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Welcome to Aethendas! I created Aethendas as my own little corner of the Internet to share the photos, stories, and creations of things I love. The site started off as a travel log, featuring posts of the places I’ve been to, and the photos I took along the way. Eventually I began adding a portfolio of other websites I worked on. More recently I began sharing my cake decorating and baking projects.

This is me!
This is me! (And three month old Artemis)

Now a little about me. I love to travel, as you can learn more about here. I have been to every continent (my last was Asia via Bhutan/Thailand in 2013). I am also a geomatics engineer, working in geospatial information systems and spending my days programming. But despite using the left side of my brain for my career, I use the right side of my brain for my cake decorating endeavors. As a child, cupcakes were my favourite, but cookies and wedding cakes are also fun.

The sock monkey cupcake

When I am not working and baking, I am quite active. When I lived in Calgary, Alberta I hiked fairly often during the weekends in nearby Kananaskis and Banff. After moving, I still like hiking, but don’t go so much now that I live further from the mountains. Instead I am learning sabre fencing and getting better at it.

The golf bag I won from a golf tournament, with swords in it, because I have no golf clubs
The golf bag I won from a golf tournament, with swords in it, because I have no golf clubs

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  1. I am absolutely amazed at your talent! Your knitting and baking projects are so well done. Hard to imagine some of these projects are first time tries! It is wonderful that you have tried so many new initiatives with such expertise!

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