FME World Tour 2015 – Converting Edmonton’s Electrical Data from Smallworld to Microstation Format

The PowerPoint from my presentation at the FME World Tour in Edmonton on April 18, 2015, is now available online from Safe Software, and you can view it below here:

Description: Electrical GIS data is updated in EPCOR’s GE Smallworld Electric Office system on a daily basis. FME is used automate conversion of this data to Microstation DGN format nightly, generating consistent and updated information to CAD users and members of the GeoEdmonton partnership, including the City of Edmonton and other organizations. This presentation will also delve into some of the technical challenges of this conversion, including converting a complex filtering segment with 150 transformers into a maintainable and organized workspace with custom transformers.

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And now for some personal commentary…

Now that it is done, I am glad I presented at the FME World Tour 2015, in Edmonton, AB on April 16, 2015. I haven’t done any public speaking at all since the days of university, and also being an introvert it is quite nerve-wracking. I am pleased to say that the presentation went extremely well, and I have received only positive feedback from my fellow peers at EPCOR. A few others from the audience also voiced that it was a great presentation. I’m glad everyone enjoyed hearing it!

Dale Lutz, a co-founder of Safe Software also awarded me with the titanium spork for the detail in my work. Secondly, he also gave me one of two blue sporks for being an advocate of custom transformers. Zipster is very pleased with the titanium spork.

This is Zipster with his titanium spork
This is Zipster with his titanium spork

It wasn’t until I was on the LRT, on the way home that I really realized people listened to and understood the content of my presentation. I heard someone say my name, and I looked around a bit confused, as I didn’t recognize the person. But it turns out they were from the conference and told me they liked my presentation, and had some questions about dimensions. So we had some discussion on dimensions, Microstation, and all that. Good times.

Inigo Trails

Banff National Park has a multitude of sceneries and activities that attract tourists throughout the year.  In particular, the park’s mountainous terrain is attractive to hikers of all skill sets; however, informational resources currently available to hikers are limited in either their search capabilities or simplicity.  In response to this situation an interactive website, Inigo Trails, has been developed to help users search easily and effectively for trails that meet specified criteria.

Inigo Trails main pageInigo Trails detailed trail information
Currently, Inigo Trails contains information for 89 of the most popular trails within Banff National Park, and can be searched based on trail type, length and difficulty.  Search results are presented to the user in a tabular form which can be filtered to provide ordered lists based on user rankings or popularity.  Along with search functionality, users are also given the ability to see trails related to predefined categories such as day trips, backpacking trips, most popular trails, and highest voted trails.  Finally, the site is interactive so users have the ability to rate, review and leave comments for trails based on their experiences.

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Green Flo

Green Flo - The next wave is here

In August 2006, Green Flo was designed and created for the RBC/Shad Valley Entrepreneurial Cup competition. In this competition, a team of high school students across Canada through Shad Valley at Trent University formed the company Genius. Genius conceptualized, designed, prototyped and marketed an energy monitor device and software package, Green Flo.