13 km Later – Fontan

It was mostly downhill from Bergue Inférieur. We kept walking along the road and path to some ruins with some very purplish coloured rocks.

Purple stone ruins

The town of Fontan (pop. ~300) came into view, nestled in the mountain valley. We went along a road with hairpin turns all the way down the mountain into the town, our last destination for the day.

Fontan Castle
A highway passing through Fontan
The Town of Fontan

Wandering through the streets in the town of Fontan, one of the highlights was the colourful church.

Church of Fontan
Narrow walkway
Belltower of Fontan's church
Belltower of Fontan’s church
A war monument
A lot of lilacs!

In Fontan, we stopped at a café to celebrate a successful hike to Fontan and I ate a triple chocolate crème glacée! Then we headed towards the train station at Fontan-Saorge back to La Brigue. It started raining as we were waiting for the train to come. My dad has issues putting his rain pants on properly.

Here is a map of our walk for the day.

Day 1 of Hiking – Map of La Brigue to Fontan

After the train we went back to the hotel in La Brigue for supper. I ate bresaola (an arugula salad with dried beef/bresaola and shaved parmesan cheese), and stewed beef with pasta (a special type of pasta made in La Brigue). For dessert, I ate salade du fraise. Then I went to sleep.