Breakfast today was a very fat looking croissant, and toasted baguette slices with beurre et confiture du framboises. Then, the man from the hotel drove us with our luggage to Saorge which is not far from the Fontan train station.

From here we continued our walk that started yesterday at the Saorge’s mairie (city hall).

Mountains around Saorge
Saorge’s Mairie

We walked through the narrow streets of Saorge, which is high up along a mountain cliff. As another small medieval town, the streets were narrow, however, Saorge is an architecturally unique town with closely clustered buildings rising steeply in steps like the seats of an amphitheatre.

Buildings are nestled right into the mountain cliffs
Which way to go?
Taking in Saorge’s steep terrain from a lookout
Black cat down a passageway

We gradually made our way towards the Saorge monastery, which was unfortunately closed. Then we headed higher, up the steep pathways in the village to gain a better view of our surroundings.

Exploring the winding, narrow passages through Saorge
Buildings at higher and higher elevations
The Saorge Monastery
The top of Saorge!

We headed back down and through the town. The dense buildings and mountain scenery is amazingly picturesque. One of my favourite towns on this trip!

Stone walkway, stone buildings, stone walls
Buildings in a row
Looking up to see buildings!
Looking to the side for more buildings!

Eventually we took a path leading out of Saorge. What a wonderful start to another day!

A view of the town from the path
Farewell Saorge